serverA web site is one of the best ways to advertise your business for everyone to see. I make each individual site from the ground up to the client's specifications. Working with them to get as close to the expected design that can be managed.

Both business and home users can benefit from the use of web sites from displaying businesses and online shops for online commerce and the use of online sales systems via shop systems I supply to meet the client's demands.

Home users can make use of a site for the use of just their family and friends which can be secured for private viewing by family members or have the site open to the general public.

Fees for web sites will be agreed between PCDATALINCS and the client once the full  site details and layout are agreed on. If changes are made during construction these will be added to the final fee upon agreement with the client. Payment will be in two parts, an initial deposit of £100 for the purchase of server space and domain name as well as deposit for the site work. The final fee will become payable once work on the site is completed to the customers satisfaction.

Whether for Home or for Business use I offer a standard package to start with to all customers consisting of :-
  • A home page for the impact of your site.
  • Up to 10 individual web based email accounts that can be used anywhere in the world either through a browser or through Email software.
  • Server space in either a private domain or a sub domain for the site whcih can be tailored to suit the individuals need.
  • A domain name for the site which can either be the one issued by the server company as a sub domain, or a domain name similar to PCDATALINCS that is based on a private server as a main domain.
  • An "About us" page for contact information and a short business history.
  • Up to 6 other pages that can hold content specified by the client for the display of work or home pictures and text.
  • One database as standard for use of the client should it be required. This is mainly for use in Ecommerce situations but can easily be adapted for the use of businesses for private use of its employee's enabling access worldwide to the information stored within.
The basic starter package can be modified easily enough to accomodate the client's use I am able to use the latest technology available to display the best quality site to suit the client.Input from the client is welcomed and in some cases is absolutely necessary to achieve the required result. Should the client require specific templates to match existing advertising or other designs these too can be accomodated.Customised graphics for each site can be made for each individual case and to the client's specification.On the Maintenance page I offer a one year site maintenance agreement to monitor and keep your website working properly, these are optional to the site and can keep your site available to view on most media devices, phones, tablets etc. Should the client wish not to avail themselves of the use of this agreement all details for the site and its handling will be passed to the client upon completion.Call today and arrange an appointment or have a chat with me about what I can do for you. Quotations are available on request but are not necessarily fixed price as the amount of work involved on each site is different.

Coming soon will be a new development for a cost effective Ecommerce system for shops, traders and businesses. Completely developed by PCDATALINCS it will be able to handle stock keeping, point of sale, stock checking and automated reorder notification to you. A lot of other features will be included in the package and it will be available later in 2015, watch this space for further announcements.
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