upgIf you feel your computer is in need of upgrading, either just a component in it or the whole machine then please get in touch with me.

The upgrade service is second to none and usually done in your own home. Depending on the upgrade, a check is made to make sure the computer can handle it first before any work is done so that no damage is caused to the machine in the process. Once all is well the upgrade is installed in the machine and checks made to be sure all is working as it should.

Operating system upgrades: These are usually a bad idea in a lot of cases. This is mainly down to the installed programs on the computer not being compatable with the new operating system. If the operating system is to be upgraded then a new license has to be purchased along with the disk and it is always better to make and keep regular backups of any important documents on your computer, either on a memory stick or external hard drive as a precaution. Once all files are safely stored, then it is just a matter of cleaning the drive properly, checking it for errors and installing the new system.

A  fee of £35 per hour shall be charged for each hour the upgrade takes this includes the installation of additional software to make the system stable once the upgrade is in place. A callout fee will be charged in accordance with distance to and from the place of work.

Certain Operating Systems require a special motherboard or processor to be able to function correctly. This will be determined in the original survey.

Upgrades to computers generally completed in a short time and at little inconvenience to the owner.
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