morfOk, youve gone out and spent your money on a new computer for christmas after being pestered by the grand kids to get one, or you may just need a few tips on how to get  it to work the way you want it too and have it working for you instead of you working for it.

You may feel that your children (with adult supervision) would benefit from extra curicular education in the proper use of the internet or the computer so they can get ahead at school instead of being left behind. After all I had the same problem at school with my two children, they were getting left behind and not getting enough instruction from the teacher, not his / her fault, one adult teaching 30 - 40 children per class becomes a nightmare. My own children had their own PC's and I taught them how to get ahead, after a while they were helping others in the class.

I charge £25 per hour for teaching, which can be in your own home on a one to one basis or if there are a few of you that wish to have a regular group each week then get in touch and I can chat with you about arrangements and fees for groups.

Tuition can be on Windows operating generally or specific programs that I am aware of, please phone to check first.

I am hoping to arrange fortnightly sessions at local centres in the near future so watch this space.
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