softwareBespoke software is one of the favoutie jobs I love to do. Given the specifications by the customer I can usually turn around a solution for either home or business use quickly.

Developed in a number of environents tailored to suit your needs and achieve the results you need to have. My main program languages are C# and Visual Basic these days though I have been known to revert to good old DOS on occasion as it does exactly what it says on the tin in a simple easy to work with way.

The more modern windows interfaces can be used as well, enabling remote connection from mobile employees and all the information gathered at your fingertips.

The fee for the construction of software shall be agreed upon in the first part over a time basis on the length of construction time and a period of testing to make sure it meets with the clients approval. The final fee will be based on the amount of time taken in its construction only and will be payable in two parts, a deposit of £100 as deposit and the final payment due on completion.

Where programming is concerned I tend to be a belt and bracers type of coder making the software less prone to failures and lost data by making it as simple to understand and as simple to use as I possibly can. This lets the computer do the hard work leaving you to get on with other things.

Operation of machinery is one job I don't deal with I'm afraid. As most computer operated machinery like cutting and welding devices are generally standalone systems as they use a great deal of power and rely on explicit instruction sets to get the job done and this usually requires a trained operative. Also the manufacturers of these machines tend to have their own software specially built for it.

Call today for a chat about your requirements and I shall attempt to come up with the perfect solution for you as soon as possible. I can also provide offline help manuals for the software too so you will have full access and instructions to its facilities. Not only that but I can provide training to use the software should anyone require it.
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