HelpComputer repairs are one one of my specialties, from diagnosis to fixing takes as little time as is needed and generally some of that time is thrown in free of charge.

The parts used to repair systems are all quality parts that have been tried and tested by myself on previous occasions so I know they are going to do the job correctly and reliably.

The repairs will be done in your own home or place of work so you get to see how long it actually takes to fix the machine.That way you only pay for what you see the job takes and not a hidden agenda of prices. Only on very rare occasions is a machine taken away for repair elsewhere as these days it isnt necessary. Plus taking a computer for a drive is a bad idea anyway as it receives a substantial battering compared to sitting quietly just a few feet from where it normally sits and the likelyhood of condensation on the inner parts is also high. This is the main choice for doing the repairs in place.

A fee of £35 per hour is charged for this service plus any parts required to finish the work. Quotes can only be approximate as the amount of work involved may vary. A 90 day waranty is offered on any parts replaced, the parts themselves are guaranteed for 12 months on a return to supplier basis

General cleaning out of the inside of the machine is carried out as standard should it need it and this helps keep it nice and cool.

If youve got a problem and need some help then give me a call today and I can get you up and running again if I possibly can.

Ocassionally the repair may involve a new base unit being built if the other one is too old to fix, or a problem with a motherboard has caused a fatal shutdown. As part of the repair I always make sure to backup personal files and data requested by the owner for transfer to the new unit once its in place. Unlike other firms rather than scanning the whole drive, I will only retrieve data I am instructed to under the Data Protection Act. The files are transferred to either a ram stick or to DVD's for reinstallation on the new base unit if required.

Old and failed drives are destroyed beyond reclamation if there is no way to recover the data from them.

Software installation other than the standard package of O.S. and Internet Security is the responsibility of the client, but I can install it as well if requested to do so.

Call today and get your problems fixed.
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