networkIf you have recently aquired another computer or device and are having problems getting it to connect to your home network, or just want to have things so the devices you have can talk to each other over the netowrk then give us a call.

Business users in particular may wish to take advantage of my new network service to get thier office running more eco friendly and faster with simple networking of computers within the office environment. I can even get secured networks running between remote locations so you can have the office in Lisbon talking to the offices in London or Lincolnshire quite easily.

A fee of £35 per hour is charged for this service plus any parts required to finish the work. Quotes can only be approximate as the amount of work involved may vary.

Dependant on the type of network you wish to have you can save yourself time and money in either the home or the office. A simple example is why have a printer for every computer in the house, when one printer can be used easily by everyone. Or in an office have a computer in each office that can be accessed by others throughout the network for the transport of documentation fast.

The same can be said with file transfer. Home users can benefit from linking the computers in the house so they can share files, pictures and movies from one computer to another without having to have copies of the same file all over the house. Live streaming of films from one computer to another or just passing pictures and files around becomes so much easier. Especially with those who run a small business from home. If you have a remote office a connection can be set up securely to transfer files from office to home and back again without any trouble. Maintenance of the office PC can be done while your sat at home having your evening meal with the family, or if you dont feel like going into the office you can access and work on files directly on the office computer with no problem.

If you want your home network creating, or if you have a Business and want to get your office working more efficiently and faster by having your computers able to talk to each other and cut down on the amount of printing equipment you have by the use of networks, then call today and have a survey of your office done to see how productivity can be maximised and expenses cut down.

Call today for a chat and arrange a survey for the best solution for you.
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