NetwNetwork reapairs can be an absolute nightmare to a company or home setup. I offer a service to come and get things back on track again.

Ive worked with networks before the internet came along and have watched them grow into gargantuan proportions. Finding the one little bug in the system can take a while, but it will be found and repaired as quickly as possible by myself. Replacement parts if required are always good quality and never the cheap and cheerful varieties. Quality lasts.

A fee of £35 per hour is charged for this service plus any parts required to finish the work. Quotes can only be approximate as the amount of work involved may vary.

Network repairs can come under my Maintenance agreements as part of the package. Details upon request.

My aim is always for your 100% satisfaction. If its going to be mended then its going to be mended with quality gear and in a timely fashion to get you up and running again.

Networks can be covered by my maintenance agreements as well which is there as part of the whole package to give you peace of mind that someone will get it done as quick as possible and you wont have to worry about the cost of repairs apart from parts which are not covered in the agreement.

Call today and get your Home or Business network doing what you want it too, not the other way round.
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