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serverRecently I have branched out into domain and hosting services.

Getting the name right for your company can be a minefield over the internet with so many companies and people these days having their own names it is becoming more dificult to get the right name at the right price.

I now offer registration services and hosting services which leave all the drudgery of hunting down prices each year for your sites name registraion to me, leaving you to get on with your job. All included in our Maintenance Agreements.

This is one of the components of my Maintenance contracts which give you the peace of mind that server space will be paid for, your domain wont fall into the hands of competititors and your site will remain online at least 99.99% of each year.

Many of the clients that I build web sites for have agreements with me for renewals of fees so they dont have to bother about the changes in prices and domains as this is part of my agreement with them. A simple once a year charge and thats it all your worries are taken care of with regard to your domains registration and hosting. I also see to it that the sites are working and up to date as part of that agreement. This will include adjustments and small changes to pages as things change.

Prices depend on your needs or features, please call for a quotation o to discuss your needs.
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