dbaseDatabases can be complicated things to set up. This is why I offer a service to get your database set up to your exact needs and specifications.

The overall purpose of a database is that it houses a massive amount of information that can easily be aquired by anyone connected to it with the correct entry level identification.

The fee charged for this service is the standard rate of £35 per hour plus callout.

As with most things these days it is better to get advice first on the type of database and encryption level you will need prior to actually building it up. It is of little point having the most secure database in the world if you are merely using it for general storage of information for release to the public. Where as one that houses secure documents will require something a little more substantial.

However I have always been a great believer in simplicity when it comes to preparing these packages, install simply, setup simply and leave the database to do the hard work leaving you to get on with your job whilst having easy access to your data from wherever you may be.

Contact me today for a consultation on your needs and let me put my 35 years plus of experience at your service.

All work on databases is covered by the Data Protection Act, so the only copies of it will be held by you in your home or place of work. The data will never leave the building and any copies are completely destroyed once the installation is completed.

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