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data recoveryThere is nothihng more worrying than when you lose data. Don't panic, give me a ring as I ahve access to some of the most advanced recovery software available to retrieve where possible any or all data from most storage devices.

Though the job is time consuming it can get back all missing data, family pictures, school or college documents and just about anything else lost by a number of faults that can occur.

Usually the reinstatement of the data is either done from a hard drive, memory stick or set of DVD's for a permanent record of the files.

Depenadant on the agreement with the client for this type of work charges will be applied in accordance with that agreement and will become payable on completion of the work. Usually the charge is on a per Gigabyte basis to be agreed.

If you find you or your company have lost files on a machine then call me today and let me see if I can trace those files and recover them for you.

Sometimes when a hard drive fails the data is still available and may be recoverable so before you throw the machine at the wall out of frustration, please call me today and let me see just what if anything is recoverable.

Call today for a chat about your requirements and to get a competative quotation on the method of recovery.

Data Recovery for a drive in situ in a laptop or desktop is done on a per Gigabyte of data basis for pricing.

Drive Cloning also available.

Recovery or Drive cloning can be done onto a new drive matching or larger than the original drive and the price will include a new hard drive. This can be done for drives from SATA I to the new SATA III or the Solid State hard drives at competative pricing for drive and an exact clone of the data from the old drive to the new one which is basically plug and play and your new drive takes over where your old drive left off. No need for a full reinstallation as the new drive will be an exact clone of the old one. (Modifications will be made to the operating system to amend the new drives installation requirements on first boot)

Data Rescue can be done onsite for secure information. Call today for your requirements.

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