compComputers these days that you buy already built, tend to be full of trial software to get you to spend more money on them. The components used in them can sometimes be of a low standard meaning the machine wont work to its optimum capacity. In this day and age it tends to be quantity more than quality that gets sold to the public. And this is where my opinion differs from the norm. I believe in quality parts that will last and no trial software, these you can download for free anyhow if you want them, you dont have to put up with them just because a company sticks them in the machine.

I offer a service to build bespoke computers and servers. The fee comprises of the cost of components including VAT plus a construction charge to be agreed with the client, basic charge is £35 per hour. I prefer where possible to use branded parts that are compatable with one another so the most optimum efficiency can be got out of the machine and hence they last a lot longer. The software OS installed on your machine can be Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Linux (Ubuntu). Operating systems that are going to work for you, not against you and yet powerful enough to do any job.

Or for those with other needs Linux or "Ubuntu" a new up and coming Linux based language that is now almost as good as windows and is free to all, although a knowledge of how this type of language works is needed.

As for monitors that come with the machines if required. I use quality tried and trusted models to give a long life and optimal viewing. I can build systems that integrate with your Television sets to provide you with streamed films off the internet and to watch your own films on your own tv. The possibilities are endless and bound only by your imagination.

When I build a machine, it is built for your purposes not for the fact its the latest thing on the market, though if you require specific parts they can be obtained easily enough and installed. All machines I build are for what ever purpose they are most used for. It is costly to buy a top end games machine if all you wish to do is browse the internet or use social networking software. With this in mind it is left to the customer to decide what kind of machine they would like and the budget they wish to spend and I will always attempt to give the best value for money possible.

All installations come with FREE Internet Security Software, this is free for life as well no fees or hidden costs unless you wish to upgrade it to the professional version at a small price.

So if you want a machine that's built around your life and not what shops want you to buy then give me a call today for a quotation on the type of machine you would like. From top of the line gaming machines to just something for the home to get on the internet and do homework on. Each machine is built especially for you with quality parts.
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