Welcome to PCDATALINCS. 

Hello, my name is Pete Johnson. My company has been around now since 2010, mainly because I got fed up of standing in the DWP offices waiting to sign on every other week. So I decided to start my own company and turn a life long interest into a business and made "PCDATALINCS".

With the help of a few organisation and tons of advice from  people like Businesslink and surprisingly the D.W.P. themselves. Thank you all.

I started messing around with electronics, computers and programming  in 197 when I was at school.

I built my first proper computer out of parts from a local electronics shop and the keyboard from an old electric typewriter. Since then my hobby kind of became an obsession with learning different languages to program in and keeping up with the latest trends in the computing world ever since.

As for collecting qualifications along the years, this was more as a challenge than out of necessity. Just studying them to build my knowledge and sometimes just to get round an annoying problem I had come across that I couldnt find a way round.

During my time working with various companies. The need for different skill sets in computing gave me targets to aim at. So now I am at a point where I can offer all those years of experience to anyone that needs it. From Programming to Computer Building, Networks to Installations. Generally if it can be done by computer I will find an answer for you at the best price.

As for repairing computers, that started way back in the days of the ZX 80. Changing graphics chips and keyboard membranes for a local Electronic repair company in Nottinghamshire more as a way of passing the time than as a living. Each machine presented a challenge and thats what I like best, I suppose thats the stubborn streak in me.

I love programming, building web sites and above all helping the Public and Businesses get the best out of their machinery as is possible without the need for upgrading unless it is vital.

I have always maintained the work ethic of getting the job done to the best of my ability and at the most economical price, so the customer always gets a fair deal. And now that I can bring this wealth of knowledge to you in your own home or work place to get your machine fixed you dont have to go travelling miles to get the job done. I come to you and do it there for you. Home and Business services help keep the wheels of industry turning effectively and in the Home you can get to see just what that Laptop or Desktop can really do.

Please contact me if you have any queries or problems, even if its on work I have already done for you, I will have the answer as quickly as is possible.
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